Ecumenical Award at Fribourg Filmfestival to Brazilian Film   

The Ecumenical Jury of the 26th Fribourg International Film Festival awards its prize to the film «Histórias que só existem quando lembradas», Stories that Exist Only when Remembered (Brazil/Argentina/France, 2011), of the Brazilian director Julia Murat.

In a village far back in the Paraiba Valley in Brazil, where time seems to have stopped, and where a community of elderly people is repeating every day the same gestures and rituals, a young photographer walks in all of a sudden. Her arrival will wake up this sleeping corner of the world. The film is about time that elapses, memory, death, and shows how the irruption of youth, and the use of photography, can revive remembrances and give a new sense to life. The graveyard, which had been symbolically closed, opens again.

The Ecumenical Jury also made special commendation for two more films:

  • Asmaa (Egypt, 2011) by the Egyptian director Amr Salama, who presents the difficult acceptation of Aids in a traditional society, through a drama based on the life of a courageous mother who is HIV positive.
  • El Campo (Argentine/France/Italy, 2011), by the Argentinian director Hernán Belón, who depicts the story of a couple that moves to the countryside, and lives through the experience of a family life with delicate balances, and the way our beloved ones, with their projects and expectations, limit each other’s freedom.


This award consisting of CHF 5`000 is conferred jointly by two institutions of the churches working in development cooperation, Fastenopfer (catholic) and Bread for All (protestant), to the director whose film best reflects the situation of men and women in Africa, Asia and Latin America and stands for Human Rights and Solidarity.

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Saturday, 31 March 2012, 21:44